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Acapella Soundsations Chorus

of Sweet Adelines International

(formerly known as Kitsap Pines Chorus)

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Big Changes Coming!
The Kitsap Pines Chorus of Sweet Adelines is going through some exciting changes, and we are seeking a director who wants to go with us into the future.  This is a position which will provide the right person with a monthly stipend, as well as numerous ways to upgrade your own directing skills through our international organization of Sweet Adelines.  Our emphasis is on teaching our chorus members the best skills we can to give them confidence in their own singing abilities, and to enhance our chorus as a whole.  We want to achieve a goal of becoming a respected member of the Greater Seattle arts communities we live in, and we need a dynamic and skilled director to help guide us to that goal.  
If you are interested in finding out more about us, and applying for the director position, please email at the following address:
Barbershop music basics:
For those who are unfamiliar with what Barbershop style music entails, here are a few terms and general information about what we think is a very special sound of music.  Let’s start with the four vocal ranges. 
In the 20th century Musical show “the Music Man”, barbershop style music was introduced on a broad basis to the general public.  Four dapper looking men, dressed in red jackets, white slacks, and red and white hats—and not only did they look good, but they had a special sound that was unique and had no accompaniment from piano or other instruments.  Just like the men’s arrangements, the women have four parts:  Bass, Baritone (aka Bari), Lead, and Tenor.  This is different from the traditional singing ranges for women (1st  and 2nd alto, 1st and 2nd soprano).  In addition to being acapella, the main difference is the melody is sung, not by the highest in the vocal range, but by the Lead, with tenor part singing a high harmony. The vocal ranges generally sound like this:  Basses--low alto range, Baritone--alto range, Lead—alto/2nd soprano range and Tenor—high soprano range.  Occasionally, arrangers will swap things around to make a song more interesting and put the melody in a part other than lead, which enables us all to learn and sing harmony.  One of the things that shows off the special talents of many Sweet Adelines is that there are a number of women who, over the years have sung all four parts!  Part of that is individual talent, but also achieved from the training offered by the Sweet Adelines organization.  On your initial visit, you will be evaluated to determine what range you fall into. From there, we take you on a journey of beautiful music!




We've got a new name!


We are also in the process of seeking a new director.  If you are a musician interested in possibly directing us into this next chapter of our chorus, we would love to hear from you.  You don't have to have Barbershop style music experience, but of course, if you do--that is always a plus.  If you want to know more about applying for the position, or even just visiting a rehearsal, contact Kate at katham1953@gmail.com


We currently have a dynamic, long time Sweet Adeline as our interim director, Alena Hemingway.  She has already brought new skills to the chorus, and our recent performances have proven to us that what we are learning, has made us better singers.  We are looking forward to attending the region 13 convention next spring and performing our best! 














As a chorus, we have set some goals and they reflect the direction we want to go.

  • We want to improve to the point where we can be a respected, performance chorus as a part of the Greater Seattle Arts Communities. 

  • We are dedicating ourselves, both individually and as a chorus to learning new skills and gain confidence in our performances within our own communities.

  • We want to share the joy of singing barbershop style a cappella music with other women, by adding more members, and by performing for the public more often.

  • We want to inspire other women to learn how to be better singers and gain confidence in their abilities.


These are all goals we have set for our chorus to work towards, and each one of us is making the commitment to accomplish them.



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